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November 25, 2012
My gosh. Pretty happy with all the great press we got. Head over to the press page and have a look!

November 12, 2012
So happy to have the ONLINE PREMIERE on !!! Give it a watch and show it to your mother.

November 3, 2012
I'm excited to announce SPOILS will play at UnionDocs in Brooklyn on November 18th in the evening. This is a program of film from the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective that I put together. Spoils is "headlining". Ha. Details here: UnionDocs

November 1, 2012
SPOILS will have its NYC premier on November 9th at 2pm at DOCNYC! It will play in the Common Ground program along with some other great shorts. I'd love to see you there! Details here: DOCNYC

September 19, 2012
SPOILS has been selected to play at the 2012 New Orleans Film Festival! So pumped to finally visit NOLA. The film will be paired with a feature documentary. SPOILS will be paired with the feature doc TERRABLIGHT and will screen Friday, October 12, at 5:45 p.m. at Theatres at Canal Place 1. Details here: here

We're finally having our NYC premier at DOCNYC on November 9th at 2pm at the IFC Center. More info on that soon.


MARCH 26, 2012
I'm very happy to announce SPOILS has been selected to play at the 2012 Independent Film Festival of Boston! This is a huge honor. We had a great time screening THE DENTIST last year, and can't wait to get back. Here are the screening times SHORTS 2: Documentary

Tickets available here



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An aging brooklyn artist, his young assistant, and blind friend arrive by rusted retro car; a Puerto Rican woman and her teenage grandson arrive on foot, lead by a rattling grocery cart; a hyperactive twenty-something and his stoned companion leave a Bushwick loft to navigate the subway. Familiar faces and converging philosophies meet to take what others deem unworthy of consumption. The reward of a free and delicious discovery activates a ritual adventure--a night of extraordinary harvest.

Every evening, long after rush hour, a series of dumpsters are rolled out onto the sidewalks in front of a large grocery store in Brooklyn, NY. A small crowd materializes to await a bounty of discarded food. As employees passively wheel out containers of expired, nearly expired, blemished, dented, smushed, or seemingly perfect edibles, the gleaners rummage through clear plastic bags and often salvage enough food to last a week or more. The foodstuffs can be found on the shelves of the supermarket just hours before. And if not for the dumpster divers, these "spoils" are destined for a landfill.

Emulating the tradition of American Direct Cinema, filmmaker Alex Mallis captures intimate portraits of the divers, illuminating a practice as old as agriculture. Mallis' fly-on-the-wall access to these Brooklynites bring us along for a journey through the culture of dumpster diving, offering an unvarnished glimpse into one night of urban harvest.

Runtime: 21 min. Color. | Contact:

The full film!


Alex Mallis - Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Lily Henderson - Sound Recordist

Matthew Lubicky - Sound Recordist

Geoff Feinberg - Sound Recordist

Begonia Colomar - Colorist

Rose Seyfried - Sound Mixer

Nathaniel Raymond - Graphic/Title Design

Adam Jaffe Ed David Lourdes Ramirez-Crusellas
Adam T Edward Dugan Maria Cuellar
Adam Tetenbaum Eileen Hadden Marina Ferndandez
Alie Cirgenski Emily Thomas Mark Klamik
Allison Pottasch Emma Maya Solovey
Amanda Lou Eric Bowman Meaghan O'Connell
Amelia Collins Eric Fitz Merrill Aldighieri
Anders Carlson-Wee Espen Steinsnes Michael Breshears
Andrew Holm Evan Agee Michael Kunitzky
Andy Rossmeissl Flonia Telegrafi Michael McGregor
Anna Naomi Larson Fransel Maas Michaela Ledesma
Anna Venezia Frederick L Swetland Mike Dunn
Anne Callahan Gabi Kozak Nadia Mohamed
Annie Berman Gretchen Rubin Natalie Magnatta
Annie Larmon Hazen Woolson Nate Boguszewski
Arianys Wilson Hillary Lauren Levine Neil Cowley
Ashton Coghlan Hope Klein Nicholas Jones
Barry Mallis Isabella Gambuto Nicholas Weissman
Ben Eriksen Jacob Bielecki
Bernardo Mendez Jacy Good Patrick Weaver
Bill Felty Janis Zirlen Penelope Angiulo
Bleakley McDowell Jarrad Hill Rachel Cohen
Brian Carroll Jay Sterenberg Reenie Page
Bridge Street Syncopated Press Jennifer Rhorer Ricardo Miranda
Caitlin Duffy Jesse Mallis Ricco Siasoco
Caitlin Littlefield Jessica Johnson Roberta Paul
Caitlin McCusker Jon Collet Robin Cohen
Carly Miller Jonathan Wilson Ron Mallis
Cassie Wagler Julia McConahay Sally Reed
Cindy Au Julie Alef Sarah Enid Hagey
Clifford Laney Justin Kazmark Sarah Kushner
Consiglio Dumpsworth Justin Wornes Sarina Roma
D Perez de la Garza Katrina James Sasha Wortzel
Damian Schafer Kendel Ratley Satoko Sugiyama
Daniel Phelps Laura Hadden Shelley Holm
Daniella Jaeger Lauren Thorpe Stavritsa Terzis
Deniz Ozuygur Lewis Winter Stephen J. Payne
Diana Barillas Lindsay Napolitano Talia Bryce
Donna Monifa Jackson Liz Scharf Tara Catherine Atkinson
E Bruce Weiss Lola Bates-Campbell Ted Raviv
Tyler CushingTrace Ramsey Tennessee Watson
William Marelich Ph.D.Zach Collinger
And the world-renowned Sean Hurley